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german. 27. photos taken by me,
and some reblogged stuff i like.

sorry for the iceland photobomb

it’s over now. i promise… i think ^^

but iceland is so beautiful and i’ve taken so many pictures in one week.
sometimes i discover some photos later, which are worth uploading.
we will definitely visit iceland again, longer than one week. we want to see much more of the highlands and definitely drive around iceland completly!!
In one week we only managed to drive from reykjanes to jökulsarlon. We saw a lot, but there is so much more!!!

But next thing are Lofoten / Norway and a little bit of Lapland / Sweden.
Keep your fingers crossed for us to see nothern lights!! There are better chances to see them than on iceland. So hopefully they will be there.
And maybe there is a little chance to see Orcas, that would be awesome.

And then i want to see Patagonia…. and Japan… and New Zealand… and Alaska… and Canada…. and and and….. we need MONEY MONEY MONEY :D

For shure Minky will come with us ^^ Baltic Sea was Minkys first little trip to prepare her for the BIG THINGS :D

She will ride on orcas, moose and fly through nothern lights, climb into vulcanos…. 19/9 - 29/9 is Lofoten time. Coming back with hopefully a big bag of beautiful photos for you!!